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Filmtage Augsburg 2003

17. Tage des unabhängigen Films/
Days of Independent Film:
24. November - 30. November 2003

Fokus: In America
The New Patriots
Nach 11.09.01- Man darf seinen Präsidenten wieder kritisieren

So , 30.11. - 19.00 Uhr im Savoy

zusammen mit dem Film:
The Weather Underground

Amerikanische Patrioten, hoch ausgezeichnete Militärs, kritisieren die Politik ihres Präsidenten und machen sich damit zu Außenseitern in einem Land, das nach dem Schock des 11.09.01 sich geschlossen hinter Präsident Bush stellte. Sie stellen die Frage, ob es sinnvoll ist, Ausländer in der Einrichtung„ The School of America“ auszubilden und Jahre später seine eigenen Soldaten von diesen ausgebildeten Talibankämpfern - oder Noriega- Anhängern töten zu lassen.


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President George W. Bush said in a speech about terrorism, "So long as training camps exist, freedom is at risk." The School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia is such a camp according to a group of U.S. military veterans who, as patriots, love their country, value freedom, disagree with government operation of the camp and want it closed.

The New Patriots is a timely and powerful work looking at on-going US Government dabblings in the internal running of foreign governments and their agencies.

In this case the new patriots are those from the inner sanctum of the US military who after often highly decorated foreign service have come to the realisation that patriotism is aobut love of country (as distinct from Government) and honest dissent.
This film exposes the hyprocracy of 'the war on terrorism' against the state sponsored terrorist training camps located within US borders and supported by the Government itself. Most notably the film refers to The School of the Americas, a training camp run by the US military whose express purpose is to train the military of Central American regimes in the subtle arts of torture, surveillance and other measures against those who would oppose them.

Despite the emotive nature of the subject and with feelings still high after 9/11, the film is a reasoned, honest and incisive discourse on what it takes to be counted as a true defender of freedom.

Five U.S. military veterans, including a Congressional Medal of Honor winner and a woman West Point graduate, speak out about terrorism, patriotism, and their transformation from warriors to peace activists.

After the 9/11 tragedy the U.S. government called for the eradication of terrorist training camps. Not mentioned by officials was the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA), located at Ft. Benning, GA, described by the veterans as a school for terrorism.

After a decade of protests, the SOA changed its name to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC). As SOA did in earlier years, WHISC today trains hundreds of Latin American soldiers in counter-insurgency techniques aimed at terrorizing civilian populations.

In The New Patriots a veteran reminds us that the lives of the tens of thousands killed by SOA-and WHISC-trained terrorists in Latin America are no less precious than the thousands who lost their lives in the U.S. on September 11. The New Patriots is a timely and powerful work... This film exposes the hypocrisy of 'the war on terrorism'... The film is a reasoned, honest and inclusive discourse on what it takes to be counted as a true defender of freedom". Perth International Film Festival

"I just saw The New Patriots and was very moved. How brilliant to find these ex-military to add their voices to all those trying to stop our education of terrorists in this country. Never before has the point been made so clearly using the Sept 11 tragedy and Bush's own words. Thank you, thank you." Susan Sarandon





The New Patriots

USA 2003, 18 Min.
Regie: Robert Richter

The New Patriots

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